Fk9 Mark I 1989 / Otto + Peter Funk

Fk9 Mark I 1989 Otto Peter Funk Description


The first purely commercial design of the Funk family was the FK9 completed as a father-son project in 1989. Otto Funk delivered the wing concept, incorporating the control system from the FK8, as well as the statics, while Peter Funk added the double-seated fuselage and built the first FK9 Mk 1 prototype in his garage.

This machine appeared in April 1989 at the AERO trade fair in Friedrichshafen and was one of the very first ultra-light planes with a completely closed cabin.

In 1990, Peter Funk founded the company of "B&F Technik" together with his partner Dirk Breitkreuz and, in the following year, began production of the first small series of the FK9. About forty of these planes were built until the end of 1994. As both the company owners were still students, it was not possible to expand and continue serial production at this time.

Fk9 Mark I 1989 Otto Peter Funk Description



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