Fk12 Comet 1997 / Peter Funk

Fk12 Comet 1997 Peter Funk Description


Peter Funk can be counted among the many pilots who have a soft-spot for biplanes. This made him turn his hand to the design of a lightweight biplane in 1994.

His intention was to build not only a plane preserving the classical style but that would also provide good flight performance and be easily and comfortably folded up for hangarage. It was also one of his wishes to be able to fly a closed machine in Winter.

These criteria lead to the construction of the Comet, which went into production at the end of 1997 and today is one of the most widely sold biplanes in Europe!

It is also most likely the only biplane in the world that has a laminar profile and it is most certainly the fastest of its kind.

Fk12 Comet 1997 Peter Funk Description



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