Fk14 Polaris 1999 / Peter + Otto Funk

Fk14 Polaris 1999 Peter Otto Funk Description


The construction of the Polaris began in 1998 with the goal of rounding off the B&F range of products with a high-performance cruiser.

The main wing structure with its special Fowler flap system was developed by Otto Funk in cooperation the University of Stuttgart using its laminar wind tunnel.

The rest of the air frame was designed by Peter Funk, whereby standard parts of the FK9 Mk3 were used as far as possible. As a result, for example, the entire tail unit including the horizontal stabilizer is identical on both planes.

The characteristic features of the FK airplane series are consistently found in all the models up to and including the Polaris. These features include, for instance, the crash-resilient tubular steel frame cockpit section or the metal-bonded wing paneling!

Fk14 Polaris 1999 Peter Otto Funk Description



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